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WInter Spiti Expedition 2023

Explore Winter Wonderland

WInter Spiti Expedition 2023

Drive through the beautiful Spiti valley. Routes are snow-covered and nature at its best. Mountain mountains and more mountains. If mountains aren’t your thing, this road trip probably isn’t the one for you. And if they are? You’re in for a treat. We lost count of the number of times during this trip that we were left physically unable to voice any words.

Enjoy the flexibility of a private vehicle, the local knowledge of a passionate team, and the magic of Snowfilled great Spiti valley.
Immerse yourself in a world most people can only imagine, with its rich culture and Mountain communities.
This is a true Overlanding trip, and the journey is a big part of the experience. On some days of the trip, you will spend several hours driving, often through very sparse areas of the Spiti valley.
This trip requires a decent level of agility and stamina, as it involves a lot of driving, allowing you to get among nature. The Drive is particularly a bit challenging due to gravel roads and harsh snowy conditions.
We try and ensure to get the best of the facilities for our guests still, we recommend carrying a sleeping bag with a -15 rating & a quilt. It comes in handy at times of natural calamity etc.
If you feel you are an amateur driver for these conditions, relax we all have learned and we shall be by your side at all times.
Winters are early this year so we would recommend carrying proper winter clothing with multiple layers.
Expedition Itinerary:

Day 01. Welcome to Theog. Briefing & Scrutiny

Day 02. Theog - Batseri

Day 03. Batseri - - Chitkul -- Batseri

Day 04. Batseri - Kaza

Day 05. Kaza - Langza - Hikkin - Komic -Kaza

Day 06. Kaza - Chicham - Khibber - Key Monastery - Kaza

Day 07. Kaza - Kalpa

Day 08. Kalpa - Theog