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2019 Overlanding adventure road trips in India.

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Well here I am again with some content on my favourite topic. Overlanding




Let's start off with some basics. What is exactly Overlanding?

Overlanding seems like a very heavy term to most of the amateur self-drive trip lovers, but hey guys it’s just a better self-sustained way of exploring destinations. As an overlander all you do is to drive to off-site locations and destinations just with some added gear in your vehicle, So that you do not have to spend hours searching for a hotel room or a good eating place according to your choice. Moreover it gives you flexibly to stay in your comfort zone and at most spectacular location you would have dreamt of ever and guess what?. You have your own cooking gear so go ahead and cook what you love to eat the most.

If you always had an adventure instinct and passion to drive. Then you are born to do overlanding, trust me once you start overlanding you shall never switch to any form of Travel vacation plans.

So your overlanding adventure road trips just have these extra gears apart from your regular self drive expedition. A tent, A sleeping mattress, Cooking gear and some cooking raw material to cook. Here you can find a detailed article on Overlanding expedition essentials.

Well technically you can overland in any location you wish as it’s the self-sustainable form of travel. However here are few destination which I find as an heavenly place to visit if you love overlanding adventure.

Spiti - I am sure we all have heard about spiti a lot and we all wish to travel to spiti at least once. Honestly if you want to explore spiti nothing can be better than going on an overlanding adventure expedition. The entire region is pristine and gives you spots which are safe and out of the world beauty. Remember teenage dreams of going on a date with your crush to a dream destination. Go out and fulfil it now.

Bera – Do you follow bear Grylls and did he ever fascinate you about going to all those locations. Well yes Bera a destination and a gem in the hilly region of Aravalli mountain range in western Rajasthan. You can Overland and be next to a jungle full of Panthers, Do not forget to take a drive through the jungle trails early morning when the panther comes out to give you a candid picture and aye do not be close enough, you would not like his way to autograph.

Sikkim – The organic state of India, Located in extreme north east and full of true ancient culture and breathtaking views. Overlanding adventures in Sikkim in at its best, you wake up to the landscapes of Kanchenjunga mountains and weather that revives you in life. Cooking next to these water streams that flow directly from close by glacier that you can see from your naked eyes and yes well if you can walk a bit you may touch and feel them too. Overlanding Adventure trip that can guide you more about same.

Osian - A small Oasis and a desert village ahead of Jodhpur( Rajasthan) a perfect destination to overland in desert. It's not too crowded unlike Jaisalmer etc and ya if you drive. Few kms deeper you practically find Virgin dues to OVERLAND. Do not ever miss a sunrise and sunset in Deserts specially if you Overlanding on the top of a Sand Dune. You did not care about water! Carry some extra Ltrsssss. You shall come back with a reason to save water whole your life.

Tiger Corridor Oel – Do jungle life fascinate you and what is it like staying in a core jungle. Yes we're talking about staying in a core jungle overnight. Thats an ancient form of overlanding adventure. Here you experience what a life is in true nature. Pack your abundant supply and overland in and around a wild life sanctuary possibly a FRH. With no lights and zero noise pollution this will be your favourite night of life of staying awake wondering which animal you just heard and anxiety how far is he. Experience it once. The true ancient way of overlanding adventure.

So well you have these exclusive overlanding adventure road trip destinations from my kitty of long list of road trips. Explore them and you shall be back with energy to Know the world in a different ways.

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