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COVID Free Travel - Best Way to Travel

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

COVID-19 the disaster and a pandemic that brought down the entire world on its knees. In my living memory, I have not seen or heard anything that talks about such worst-hit situation globally. Unfortunately, it has brought us down to the level that we cannot share a jadoo ki jhapi or share a drink with our friends.

Covid free travel

Yes, it has hit us badly and looks like it plans to stay here until our hard-working medical professionals can find a complete cure.

So as a hardcore traveler and an adventure lover my question to you all is, can this Pandemic stop us to explore the beauty of this nature.

The answer lies in the most relic form of travel "Overlanding". As Wikipedia says "Overlanding is a self-reliant form of Travel to remote destinations where the journey is the principal goal"

What is COVID free Travel?

The answer is Overlanding.

The basic principle of Overlanding is to travel to your desired destination in your vehicle. Carry the most essential gear you need for camping and outdoor cooking & the best part you get to stay at a location of your choice at a beautiful spot surrounded by nature. This location can be anywhere ranging from a mountain peak to a river bed, in the middle of woods to a dune in the desert & its all possible cause your form of travel is self-reliant and contact-free from the surrounding world.

You must be wondering that you will need those massively build vehicles with a whole lot of gadgetry etc to do Overlanding. So well my friends Overlanding can be started with your basic Two or Four-wheelers.

What you need is to decide what destination you wish to travel and accordingly choose your vehicle. Grab a decent Camping gear like a simple camping tent, a sleeping bag (according to the weather ), few cooking utensils, general groceries, and some camphor with a matchbox to ignite the fire for cooking. So see its simple to start Overlanding & also the only COVID free Form of travel.

While Exploring places ensures you maintain physical distancing and nature stands by you all time to amaze you with the best it has in every other turn.

I have been reliant on this form of travel for a few years now, have learned what all gear you need, and have collected the same over time. However, there is always a beginning, and now is the time when other forms of travel seem challenging due to COVID and its reasons for infection.

So why not let's all give ourselves a chance and start traveling again Overlandig Style or COVID Free so to say.

Hope this motivates you and if you have any query and need help to start Overlanding contact me on below details


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