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5 Best advice for self driving expedition

For me the passion of travelling independently by road had been there since I was a child, it always fascinated me that a road trip takes you to any destination you wish for without and compulsion of time and booking for public transport. You are free to travel, stop on a desired location, delay or prepone a trip, change the route and many more flexibility options which never exist if you travel by any other form of transportation.

Best advice for self driving expedition

Is it safe to do a road trip?

How long can I drive?

What all I need when I go for a road trip?

Our understanding of a Road trip is a journey taken to cover long distance by car. Requirements of a Road trip are simple- Pack your bags, fill your fuel tank, start the engine and let the adventure begins. However, there are some essentials, if taken care of make the whole experience of road trip more adventures and memorable. So, here are some things I have documented based on my experience of doing road trips for more than 2 decades now

Road trips are a Pleasure . Enjoy them.

Is it Safe to do a Road trip?

  • Answer is YES and it’s all that small things you need to take care exactly like a smallest thing you do is to wash your hands before you eat.

  • Get you vehicle serviced for a trusted workshop and ensure to tell him that you are taking your machine for a long drive.

  • Try to carry some basic and optional Gear. Here you can find an article on same.

How Long can I drive?

  • Honestly it completely depends on how long you have been doing this, what’s your physical ability to handle concentration after few hours, what are the road conditions in the region you are travelling.

  • In my case I have done some pretty long drives of even 1000 kms in around 14 hours on single stretch and even there were times when I did only few hundred kilometres and then had to take a really long break. Just ensure you are relaxed and have had a really good night sleep before you start a Road trip.

Road trips are all about enjoying the drive and having fun and explore so try and possibly keep all your distractions aside.

  • Ensure you keep yourself hydrated and your car smells fresh. Carry small things that you like to munch that makes you happy and keeps you in a cherishing mode.

  • Don’t drink and drive! It’s something we all as bachelors have done and I agree that most of us reach home, however it’s the lack of control and delayed response of brain and reflexes at times under the influence of alcohol that’s the true cause of these accidents and above all would you like to spill your drink. I guess no, so relax at a place and enjoy your drink with a combination of good music and a great company.

  • Ensure to take a break and relax moment you feel tired or start feeling loss of concentration. 15 min of a relaxed break will make you cover more distance then a tired drive for few hours.

What All I need when I go for a road trip?

  • Well that’s a very variable question to answer. For some a simple backpack and realizable vehicle is all they need and for some it’s a mess to carry almost their entire house and even things of luxury to smallest things that they might need as if it was declaration of war times.

  • But there are some things that can always make you road trip an amazing experience with a relaxed mind if you have these all-in places. Basic set of tools and jack etc. the once you received from your car maker is like a mandatory and don’t forget your car manual (helps you like a bible at times)

  • Ensure your tires are in good shape and spare wheel has to be as good as a running tire.

  • Do not forget a tire inflator and a flashlight.

  • Get a good collection for music offline. You will have many memories from these road trip associated with these songs in times to come.

  • Carry some basic things that do not make you feel home sick and you do not wish to rush back home from a trip.

  • Try and get the route maps downloaded offline. Google map has the easiest and best way to do that. It comes in very handy when you are driving in hills or deserts or for that matter any road trip with bad network coverage which does not come with an alert or a notification.

  • Create a list of best options to stop on the way, look for unique places other than regular highway dabbas and motels. My favourite is to look for entire route and then gauge for approx. locations we shall be around lunch times and then I try and look for some regional delicacy around that region. Once you know these, don’t hesitate to get off the main route for few extra kms. It’s the experience to explore such places you shall always remember as golden memories.

  • Try to carry some basic easy to make tea/coffee options, stop by the highway at sunset for some time and enjoy sunset over the vast landscape off the highway ( the natures best daily gift) enjoy this tea/coffee and I bet you shall keep this as a to-do list on every Road trip.

  • Taking pictures and videos – Do I really need to say anything in these times, well most of us are great at it with these advance cellphone cameras and just a word of friendly caution. Be always careful taking those selfies ensure they not the last pictures. And don’t forget to capture true candid moments those are my favourites especially when you look back at them after the trip.

  • Carrying water is a must for long drives. You need to keep yourself well hydrated and don’t forget to carry a small 5lr spare water jerrycan may be just filled with tap water. It comes in handy at times of adversities. Times when you have a car problem of over heat, your windscreen is rally dirty, you don’t find a loo for a very long stretch, something spills on your clothes or car seat, or may find a genie just waiting for you to help him/her with some water to grant you a wish. A humble request – Try not to buy packed water bottles, instead carry an insulated water bottle. They keep water cold or warm for a long time and you can just refill it on the way. Most of the places across all the routes you shall find places that serve clean filter water. Trust me I haven’t fall sick ever following this routine. Max amount of plastic is by these packed mineral water bottles so that’s a small bit you can add to save the world.

  • Well here we have quite a bit from my experiences of doing road trips and overlanding expeditions. If you wish to know more details feel free to send messages and we shall love to help with your road trips.

Well here we have quite a bit from my experiences of doing road trips and overlanding expeditions. If you wish to know more details feel free to send messages and we shall love to help with your road trips.Well here we have quite a bit from my experiences of doing road trips and overlanding expeditions. If you wish to know more details feel free to send messages and we shall love to help with your road trips.

Here you can find a link to a list of Gear required for a road trip & overlanding expedition. Both essentials and optional.

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