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Road Trip to Spiti

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Talk of road trips, it is a whole new level of the matrix. The trio-symmetry of the rider, the vehicle, and the routes, leading the ways become an experience of going from the trip to trippy. A different perspective of traveling opens up to you.

We all wish to travel to spiti by a road trip. It's not just any ordinary mountain destination, its a valley and enroute you will experience a treat to revitalise your senses.

In fact, during your road trip to Lahaul & Spiti, we will go back up the large Spiti river to its source. You will cross the forested mountains of Kinnaur district through steep canyons prone to landslides during the rainy season. Then gradually the thick cloudy sky of the monsoon opens up while the greens become scarce.

The climate of Lahaul & Spiti has a typical cold desert climate. Warm with plenty of sunshine in the summer. However it can get very cold and dip below freezing in the higher reaches even during the day in summer. Unpredictable weather conditions can add days to your journey. It is always advisable to keep one or two days free in case you are stuck somewhere because of a landslide or so.

Kunzum Pass and Rohtang Pass only open in May end or by June 1st week. From Manali, Spiti Valley is only accessible once the passes open from June to September and you can also visit Chandrataal Lake. From Shimla side, Spiti Valley is accessible during winters as well from February to May and in Summers till September.

Road trip to Spiti
Valley view from Dhankar Monestry

Road Trip to Spiti
Tabo Monastery

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1 Comment

shagun Parashar
shagun Parashar
Aug 13, 2019

Road Trip is a great way to travel and with these details you can help yourself to travel like a pro.

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