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Workation idea in COVID Pandemic.

Travel might be complicated right now, but use your inspirational instinct to learn overlanding & explore the new workation culture overlanding style.

Spiti has declared they are not opening this year for winter tourism due to its lack of medical infrastructure. So what's the plan for winters this year. How will you wish to travel ? Will you stay back home or still explore?

How about traveling Overlanding style. Explore the backtrails of Himachal Experience the raw nature and beauty of small hamlets in mountains or quaint villages of western ghats. Exploring the colorful life on the dune in winter is also a great idea or cherish south India preserved with its centuries-old culture.

Now how you wish to TRAVEL COVID FREE is definitely a personal choice. You want to fly down and get a local transport mode or start from your destination overlanding style. It's your call.

Staying home & working from home has cramped our legs & mind, Exploring the world is the only medication to heal. Work from home can be done from any destination. Overlanding allows you the freedom to work and travel, make your lovely wheels a new workstation experience & nature as your work cabin. See how your creativity turns in to a giant ocean while working next to a river bed.

Spending money is an inevitable part of life. Making a choice to buy travel gear or paying hotel bills is a call you can make. Guess what? Buying overlanding gear is a longtime investment to travel & hotel bills are reoccurring expenses. Well, I am done with economics now!

So now the questions in mind maybe.

Hows it possible to do overlanding & work?

What about basic amenities?

How will you survive without domestic help?

How to manage kids in a new location?

I always find the answers in. " it's easier when you want to & Tough when you have to"

You have your choices & You are the god to answer all the solutions.

The trick is to find a tweak & explore. Start overlanding on weekends & holidays. Learn the art of living about what's required for real living. Give your kids to see the world out of the books & learn to live in the real world.

Help them to know what living in the real world with beauty is like. Create memories they will cherish throughout there lives & thnk you for making them a better human.

The decision is yours to be a master of yourself.

Go ahead & Explore the world Overlanding Style.

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