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Road Trip About us

In a country so big, there are many, many routes you could take. All will take you to amazing places and give you a chance to experience India at its best, on the open road and away from the cities. Here we have the best road trips and overlanding expeditions designed for you. Our Expedition Specialist deal only with these destinations and have travelled extensively around each of these regions. They are able to offer expert advice and will help create the road trip & overlanding expeditions that’s right for you and will make sure everything runs smoothly. 

The concept was simple, get together a group of free-wheeling, independent types, pack up a 4x4 with tents, camping gear, and follow the road, hitting all the key places along the way on a road trip ( Overlanding Style ).

Contributing to local communities, visiting national parks and sharing with the locals is part of our commitment of a successful road trip.

Road Trips  & About us

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